NutroActive Oats Flour/Atta Gluten Free

NutroActive Oats Flour/Atta Gluten Free

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  • High dietary fibre - Oats flour contain large amount of beta glucan which is a water soluble fibre and has many health benefits. These soluble fibres absorbs water and increases bulk volume in stomach there by increase the feeling of fullness. This feeling of fullness helps in weight loss as person eats less food. Soluble fibres in oats flour also absorbs extra cholesterol from food and helps in managing cholesterol and blood sugar levels. 100 grams of oats flour contain 11 grams dietary fibres
  • High protein- Oats flour is incredibly nutritious and is a great source of protein. Protein is very important for muscle growth and physical strength. Oats flour is a good source of protein for vegetarian diet. Oats flour can be used for making chapatti, adding to soup to increase its thickness, for gluten free baking, for baking oats cookies, muffins. Oats flour is a great combination of high protein and high fibre. 100 grams of oats flour contain 17gms proteins
  • Gluten free- Oats are naturally gluten free. Oats flour is a healthy replacement for flour in baking or cooking. People will find it very tasty. It can add more nutrients to your diet and can also help you feel more satisfied after consuming it. You can add in your meals and can make gluten free snacks like cookies, muffins etc.
  • Diabetes management- Oats flour is a better choice for diabetes management than wheat or rice because it contains less carbs and provides more protein and fibres. Oats flour is having low glycaemic index compared to wheat or rice. Managing the ratio of healthy carbohydrate and protein in diet is very important for good health. Living a healthy lifestyle, eating healthy food and living active life is essential for long term health.
  • Vitamins and minerals- Oats flour is loaded with essential vitamins and trace elements like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium. Oats flour provides essential vitamins and minerals vital for health and maintenance of the body. Oats flour also contain huge amount of antioxidants also that helps you to build up strong immune system

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