Avocado - Green Tea Shampoo

Avocado - Green Tea Shampoo

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Shampoos cleanse the dirt, grease and grime out of our hair and make it feel light and buoyant again.

However, the sad truth is, they also dry out your hair excessively.

Finding a good quality natural shampoo can help ensure that your natural locks stay healthy.

This avocado and green tea shampoo is laden with active ingredients like avocado oil, green tea oil, marigold and hibiscus flower extracts and amla, that helps provide a well-rounded nourishment for your hair to make it healthy, smooth and shiny.

• Before taking shower gently comb your hairs
• Wet your hairs with warm water
• Take some shampoo
• Gently massage your hairs
• Work the shampoo throughout your hair length
• Rinse your hairs
• Apply conditioner on the tips of your hairs
• Let it stay for five minutes
• Wash off the conditioner
• Blot your hairs with a towel
Avocado oil, Green tea essential oil, Marigold flower extract, Hibiscus flower extract, Fragrance Oil & Sulphate free shampoo base