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Aarud natural Sandhivaat  Sudha

Aarud natural Sandhivaat Sudha

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SANDHIVAAT SUDHA-The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Solution

Arthritis is majorly caused due to poor digestion and buildup of the undigested food and waste matter in the body which results in the accumulation of the toxins that in turn reaches the joints and weakens them. The natural course of Ayurveda helps in the proper functioning of the colon so as to protect the bone tissue and joints. Sandhivaat Sudha is an herbal product that is manufactured to treat and prevent joint pain and arthritis. Several herbs with complementary medicinal properties are combined together to curb the joint, arthritic and rheumatoid pains without causing any harmful effects. As the name suggests, the product rectifies the ‘vata’ dosha in the body that absorbs the Synovial fluid inside the joints and results in the decay. The patients suffering from Osteoarthritis can also seek relief from Sandhivaat Sudha.
Treatment in Ayurveda:

  • Clears the circulatory channels by way of stabilizing the metabolic pathways
  • Aiding digestion that further helps in assimilation of food
  • Increases the lubrication of joints
  • Rectifies the imbalances caused by Vata as it leads to extreme sensitivity to pain

Symptoms of Arthritis:

  • Weakening of joints producing cracking sounds
  • Chronic pain that gets aggravated in cold weather
  • Difficulty in bearing the weight of the body on knees
  • Unable to walk properly especially in Osteoarthritis

Benefits of Sandhivaat Sudha

  • Prevents the weakening of joints
  • Provides relief to the patients of Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Treats the decayed, stiff and painful joints
  • Cures the pain as a result of gastric disorders
  • Helps in all types of Arthritis
20 Ml twice in a day
salai guggal , Nirgundi,Malkagni, Rasna.Methi, Hadjod,Haldi, Aloevera, Excipient