Biogetica Neurosolve (Brain and Memory)v 80 Tablets

Biogetica Neurosolve (Brain and Memory)v 80 Tablets

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Neurosolve is a combination of potent and powerful herbs, traditionally believed to have nootropic, and memory enhancing capabilities

Dosage ; One tablet two times daily after meals OR as advised by the expert

Neurosolve: Each tablet contains extracts of:Brahmi Ghan [Whole plant] [Bacopa Monnieri] (50 mg), Shankhapushpi Ghan [Whole plant] [Convolvulus Pluricaulis]5 0 mg), Ashwagandha Ghan [Root], [Withania Somnifera] (25 mg), Guduchi Ghan [Stem] [Tinospora Cordifolia] (25 mg), Mandukparni, Ghan [Leaves] [Centella Asiatica] (25 mg), Shilajit [Mineral] [Asphaltum] (12 mg), Sunthi Ghan, [Rhizome] [Zingiber Officinale] (1 mg), Maricha Ghan [Fruit] [Piper Nigrum] (1 mg), Pippali Ghan, [Fruit] [Piper Longum] (1 mg), Jyotishmati Oil [Fruit] [Celastrus Paniculataus] (35 mg), Shaival Powder, [Leaf] [Ceratophyllum Demersum] (1 mg)