Ayurshakha is an initiative of Fatho Technologies and is the first of its kind website about organic and herbal products. With a portfolio of over 8000 brands of distinct identities, Ayurshakha is taking swift steps to create awareness about natural way of living. Consumer products from the categories namely - personal care, lifestyle products, feminine hygiene, weight management, sexual wellness, general health, food and beverages, are all available on www.ayurshakha.com. This initiative has also helped multiple herbal and natural brand names to gain popularity in the marketplace and has expanded the horizons of growth and development.

Knowingly or unknowingly, human race is utilizing the free gifts of nature but there is lack of awareness about it. Ayurshakha is aiming to be a one-stop platform for everyone who wants to take a deeper dig into what all nature and its essential elements have in store. Presently, Ayurshakha is expanding its sales and operations in the Indian sub-continent but the brand also has a vision to touch the lives of customers worldwide, by providing products to help them lead healthy and enriched way of living. 


The application of Ayurshakha has been developed to provide a platform of purchasing the Ayurvedic medicines from our collection and is even accompanied with the desired guidance of the trusted Doctors practicing in Ayurvedic medicines. This Application can be downloaded from http://www.ayurshakha.com/. The Application includes the registration of the user which enables him to access as well as use all the features offered therein. The features include wide range of options and categories to select from the available medicines of
various manufacturers. Ayurshakha application, also has various other facilities such as Special Product, Job For Doctors, Homeopathy, Daily use and other complementary features. Our services also feature the Doctor on call facility to help customers in any problem encountered by them for just 1000 INR and it covers his/her entire family.


Our vision is to achieve business success in harmony with customer satisfaction. Ayurshakha aims to be the global platform where all brands and customers catering to organic requirements in modern life, get equal exposure and rewards by creating a holistic sustainable business modality.


Our mission as a whole is to provide genuine organic products and expand our footprints from India to the entire global market with a non-shattering sense of responsibility towards the society. We are determined to be the best at doing what matters the most. The short term mission is to reach every household of India and understand the consumer needs in order to fulfill them better and the long term mission is to add value through mutual trust and transparency in a boundary less-organization.