Why Ayurveda Startups Are Trending

Planning a business of your own sounds good and definitely brings a lot of ‘difficult to make decisions’ on the way. Choosing the right field to invest is one of the major concerns. However, to minimize the risk that you take, you can always resort to a safer option which is of franchise buying.

What is the concept of franchising?

Franchising is about the relationship the franchisor has with its franchisees. The franchisor licenses its trade name and its operating methods to a franchisee; the franchisee agrees and operates their business according to the terms of the license. It is relatively a lot less risky option to earn money. So, after a bit of backgrounding about franchising, let us tell you how health-oriented franchise business, Ayurveda franchise in particular can help you do wonders!

Scope of franchise of an Herbal, Organic and Ayurveda brand

A New York Times article called him “An Indian, who built Yoga Empire, a product and symbol of the New India irrepressible and bursting with Vedic wisdom.”  It was his brand Patanjali that gave him the true wave of recognition and one of the biggest reasons of the brand becoming famous is that it preached about the age old Indian art of meditation, exercise and depending upon natural products for daily needs.

However, the fact remains intact that brands which are souring new heights in Ayurveda are also heavy on your pocket in terms of franchisee business. In order to keep your pockets a little less burdened, we have a better option for you. Start your business with a relatively new brand in the market. Start with us, get associated with Ayurshakha and we assure you that this would be the best business association by far.

Why Choose Ayurshakha Franchise?

·         Brand offering

Our platform provides you with a huge variety of products from top to bottom line. All kinds of health, lifestyle and personal care products are readily available from all sorts of natural, herbal and organic brands

·         Pin Code based allocation

Ayurshakha stores are allocated in a way that no business clash in same pin code. We follow the ONE PIN CODE ONE FRANCHISE rule to assure the best ROI

·         Margins

Ayurshakha store offers both B2B and B2C margins under various options for single franchise for a specific PINCODE

·         Guaranteed Returns on Investment

An assured 25% + ROI backed with min 15% minimum guarantee on your investment makes it an attractive deal

·         Business Feasibility

Government of India is promoting all Ayurveda, natural and organic products usage with setting up a designated department. Business is now 6000 crores+ with 7% annual growth.

In great franchise systems, franchisor and franchisee work together for mutual success and at Ayurshakha, this is what we aim to do. Let’s grow together!